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Welcome to Honeyz HIIT! My name is Abby and I am a qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer. Back in 2014 I told a very different story, I was 32lbs heavier, unfit, unhealthy and unhappy.

New for 2020 after becoming a mum last year I am now PRE and POST natal trained, I know how hard it is to get back in to exercise after having a little one, so all sessions can be worked around you and your new baby so no need for childcare to get your workouts in.

Please contact me for my current group buggy fit sessions days and times!

I had tried every fad diet under the sun and while almost all helped me to drop weight quickly, none of them were easy to adopt as part of my regular lifestyle and I couldn’t keep the weight off for good…

So before I hit the big 30 I decided to take charge once and for all by cutting out the biggest demon…. REFINED SUGAR! By eradicating this little (big!) beast from my diet, I found that I could eat pretty much everything else with no need to count calories. At the same time I started jumping around my living room 2-3 times a week (don’t judge me) and found that unlike my ‘regular’ exercises, HIIT workouts were far from boring and I actually enjoyed getting sweaty!

Within just 5 months I had lost 32lbs – dropping 7 inches off my waist and 5 inches from my hips! My body had transformed and I could still enjoy wine and cheese!!! Win-win!

I now feel it is my life’s mission to help other women break the miserable cycle of yo-yo dieting and finally drop the weight they have been holding on to for far too long!

All I need from you is to be ready, dedicated and fully determined, so I can help you to make little changes for very BIG results!

Let’s Beeee the best… you!


Abby x

Me 2014!


(please excuse the messy bedroom)

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