Honeyz Home Gym

Welcome to my home gym, if you would prefer to come to me and train I have everything we need to get in a fun and effective workout.

What you get:

• An easy to follow step by step guide on how to get started on starting your 6 week sugar detox boot camp program
• A 6 week printable workout plan (5 days of training and 2 rest days), with 20 minute full body home workouts. No equipment needed. (Small set of Dumbbells.)
• Hyperlinked video clips of each workout, to show you how to do each move and each variation, no guesswork
• 15 page nutritional guidance with recommended food list, meal plan with printable shopping list, recipes and more
• Access to me, Abby Flatley, Certified Personal Trainer, 24/7 via email/FB/support group for any questions you have

The plan is so simple to follow, I'm not askIng you to cut any food groups, just refined sugar which your body can't handle and helps store fat around the middle!! Everyone's busy these days and studies have shown doing HIIT workouts 3-4 times a week is the most effective way of burning your body fat! No gym needed, why do more than you have to???